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About Us

Bosque Tactical was founded in 2022 after a group of like-minded friends saw a need for better safety assessments of our churches, schools and businesses.  We use our decades of experience in safety and policing to train you how to keep yourself and your family safe in an increasingly unsafe world.
Meet our highly qualified instructors below.

Phil Buckles

Owner/Lead Instructor

Phil has been involved with firearms for 20+ years beginning with deer hunting growing up in Wisconsin.  He spent a couple years in the U.S. Air Force and has since been involved with numerous successful local and international businesses.  He has several years experience working on safety teams at his church and conducting security assessments for businesses.  A concealed carry holder for more than 15 years in multiple states, Phil is an NRA certified instructor in Pistol, Rifle and Personal Protection.  He is also an NRA Range Safety Officer and a New Mexico licensed Concealed Carry Instructor.

NRA Instructor.png
Aaron Engh

Tactical Instructor

Aaron grew up in New Mexico and has served the people of this state as a member of the Albuquerque Police Department for nearly 20 years.  Aaron has been a patrol officer, SWAT officer, Long Range Precision shooter and Team Leader.


Aaron's extensive training qualifies him to teach courses such as room clearing, active shooter response, long range precision shooting and multiple target engagement

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