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Resources & Info

Below are several sites with valuable information and resources for concealed carry as well as firearm training

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USA Carry maintains up to date info on reciprocity between states for concealed carry license holders.  Before you travel be sure to check out their site and see which states honor your New Mexico license.

Click HERE to visit USA Carry

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USCCA has a very good summary of the differences in firearm and concealed carry laws by state.  Prior to traveling anywhere it is a good idea to be sure you know the laws of where you are going

Click HERE to visit USCCA

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Black Arch Holsters are highly recommended by Bosque Tactical. Especially their Entrada IWB (In Waist Band) holster for every day carry needs.

Click HERE to visit Black Arch

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We The People Holsters make great quality holsters and they come in many different patterns and colors

Click HERE to visit We The People

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