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Hi, I’m Phil

Updated: Aug 28, 2022

Bosque Tactical owner and lead instructor
Phil and Kate Buckles

Originally from the Twin Cities area in Minnesota, I have lived in Albuquerque since early 2013. My wife and I have three young boys and when we’re not homeschooling them, we love spending time outside exploring this beautiful country.

I am an NRA certified pistol and rifle instructor as well as a Range Safety Officer. I have more than 20 years experience working with and handling firearms including more than 15 years as a concealed carry license holder in multiple states.

In 2022, I started Bosque Tactical to provide firearm instruction including concealed carry courses. Additionally to work with businesses, schools and churches to provide threat assessments and help them improve their organizational safety and security procedures.

The past few years have brought millions of new firearm owners in the United States and every single one of them needs training. It doesn’t matter if they purchase a firearm with the intent to get a concealed carry license or to just keep it in a safe at home for protection, everyone needs training. One of the most dangerous people in my opinion is an untrained or under-trained firearm owner.

Firearms are simply a tool and it depends on the skill and knowledge of the person in possession of that tool to determine if it will be used safely or dangerously. It doesn’t matter if you are still looking to figure out if you want to buy a gun or if you have years of experience. I would be honored to chat and find a class or schedule a private lesson that will be just right for your current skill level and help you increase your knowledge, comfort and experience with firearms.

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